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Mold Victim Rights Association

Are you a MOLD VICTIM because you are:

1. Working in a moldy workplace?
2. Renting a moldy rental house, apartment, condo, office, or commercial building?
3. Sick from staying in a moldy hotel, motel, or resort room?
4. Living in a moldy home purchased from a seller or new home builder who failed to disclose known mold infestations?
5. Having a water intrusion or mold damage problem caused by an adjoining condominium, co-op apartment, or your home owners association?
6. Making mortgage payments to a lender for a moldy house, condo, or commercial building?
7. Being unable to pay for needed mold remediation because your insurance company has wrongfully denied your water or mold damage insurance claim?
8. Living or working in a moldy house or building that was improperly or incompletely mold remediated by a mold remediation company?
9. Sick from living or working in a building water and mold damaged by a negligent building contractor such as a roofing, plumbing, or air conditioning company?
10. Attending school or teaching or working in a school that is mold-infested?

Get mold justice by joining the Mold Victim Rights Association.

Office Mold and Environmental Inspection &

Testing in USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong,

 Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand,  Asia, and

 Worldwide by Certified Mold Inspectors &

Certified Environmental Hygienists

Picture of mold growth in an office.
Office mold growing behind a wall baseboard.

Solve your Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, California, USA, Canada, Asia, or other location office toxic mold growth and environmental problems safely, effectively, and affordably by hiring Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators, Certified Environmental Hygienists, and Certified Ozone Professionals Phillip Fry and Divine Montero Fry, two of the world’s best mold experts, to do toxic mold and environmental inspection and mold and environmental testing of your office.  Read Fry and Montero's mold consultant client testimonials.

Phillip Fry
is the author of 5 mold books: (1) Do-It-Best-Yourself Mold Prevention, Inspection, Testing  and Remediation; (2) Mold Health Guide; (3) co-author Mold Legal Guide; (4) co-author Mold Monsters; and (5) Mold Home Remedy Recipes.  Phillip also trains and certified mold professionals worldwide through Ecology College Online.

  1. Do effective and comprehensive mold inspection and mold testing of your Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia, USA, Canada, UK, or European office premises or office building, including mold experts Phillip Fry and Divine Montero's written analysis of the significance of mold and environmental inspection and testing results;
  2. Establish an affordable and workable toxic mold remediation protocol plan to remove and remediate toxic mold infestation and contamination from your business office and other business facilities; and
  3. Do second opinion toxic mold inspection and testing of your office space, and do clearance inspection and testing of your office area or office building that has had recent mold remediation work by a mold remediation company or a contractor.
  4. Train your staff or a local contractor how to safe and effective toxic mold remediation and mold prevention for your office quarters and business premises---saving you the huge cost of using a costly and often ineffective mold removal firm.

Contact Phillip and Divine Fry by---


 USA 1-480-310-7970 or 1-480-217-7173

FREE Mold Advice Hotline

Mold Expert Phillip Fry

Picture of mold growing in mold test kit from office desk mold sampling.
Numerous mold colonies growing in mold lab testing kit from office desk sampling.

Picture of office mold in a Memphis, Tennessee, office.
Office mold growing above the ceiling in a Memphis, Tennessee, office.

Sponsor Your Own Private Mold Inspector Training, Environmental Hygienist Training, and/or  Industrial Hygienist Training & Certification Seminar for Yourself and/or Company Employees---Presented  in Your Own Office or Location Anywhere in the World!

Hire mold and environmental experts Phillip Fry and Divine Montero Fry (Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators, and Certified Environmental Hygienists) to travel to your company location to present the Environmental Hygienists Association three day long mold, environmental hygienist, and industrial hygienist training and certification training class anywhere in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia, Australia/NZ, Europe, the Middle East, Central America, the Caribbean, or South America. You and your key associates and employees will be trained and certified as Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators, Certified Environmental Hygienists, and/or Professional Industrial Hygienists. Read Mr. Fry and Miss Montero's environmental qualifications to teach and certify you and your associates.  For info, email Phillip and Divine, or call (USA) Phone: 1-480-217-7173 or 1-480-310-7970.

If you can't afford to hire mold remediation company try to used this links below to buy Mold remediation products and to DO IT YOURSELF. Try now!!!!
DIY Mold Removal  
Do It Yourself Mold
DIY Mold

Office Mold Remediation
Improves Worker Health

“After repairing a mould-damaged office building asthma-related and other respiratory symptoms decreased,” reported the 2011 review study “Remediating buildings damaged by dampness and mould for preventing or reducing respiratory tract symptoms, infections and asthma,” a 2011 review of published health studies by R. Sauni, J. Uitti, M. Jauhiainen, K. Kreiss, T. Sigsgaard, and J.Verbeek, as published in The Cochrane Library, 2011, Issue 9,

Read "Impacts of Indoor Environments on Human Performance and Productivity in Offices and Schools"

Key Office Mold & Environmental Health
Questions To Ask

1. Are any of your office staff members experiencing
one or more office or workplace mold health symptoms?

2. Do you smell mold or mildew in your office?

3. Can you see visible mold growth?

4. Does your building have roof leaks or plumbing leaks?

Cleaning Tips for Preventing Office Mold Growth

Office Mold Questions & Answers

Office Toxic Mold News

Read the following news article about toxic mold problems in offices and office buildings worldwide---

U.S. Center for Disease Control Links Office Employee Health Problems to Workplace Mold Exposure

Office Workers Spend Too Much Time at Their Desks
Jan. 13, 2012

Link Between Potentially Toxic PFCs in Office Air and in Office Workers' Blood  Jan. 18, 2012

The Dangers of Mold & Mildew in your Home or Office - Jun 21 2009

Black mold forces closure of post office in Rombauer, Mo. - Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Mold in Your Home Or Office Making You Sick? How Invisible MVOC's Can Ruin Your Health!

Office Hazards and Office Safety

Do Your Own
Hurricane Sandy Flood Damage Repair, Mold Removal, and Mold Remediation

►Read mold experts Phillip and Divine Fry's Nov. 2, 2012, book Hurricane Sandy Mold, Germ, & Odor Removal & Prevention. 175 pages. Ebook $25; Print Edition $49. 
 ►Buy the mold cleaning and mold killing fungicides
Tim-Bor and Boric Acid Powder.
 ►Buy the Bio3Blaster®
ozone generator to kill mold spores, mold growth, and bacterial growth in your water-damaged real estate home or commercial building. Available in both home and contractor models. After using the ozone blaster in your home or building, rent it out for at least $100 daily rent or provide ozone blasting service to other Sandy storm victims in your area.
 ►Buy a
mold fogging machine to fog Tim-Bor and Boric Acid Powder into all areas of your house or commercial building including the attic, basement, and crawl space.

►Be trained and certified online in just one to two weeks to be a
Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediator. Be trained in just four to eight weeks to be a Certified Environmental Hygienist.
Phillip and Divine also provide mold inspection, testing, remediation, and prevention services in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and other east coast states. For more information and help, please phone
mold expert Phillip Fry 1-480-217-7173 or email
Picture of mold expert Phillip Fry conducting a mold training seminar in Asia.
Mold Expert Phillip Fry explains mold remediation procedures at one of
his Asian mold training.

Pictures of office ceiling mold in Memphis, Tennessee.
Serious mold infestation in the ceiling of a Memphis, Tennessee, office.

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